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Valve update reveals more about the future of Artifact

Valve has continued its commitment to communication with a new Artifact update. In addition to last week’s post, the developers has revealed telling information about the future of the game. Although there is still more to learn, we have consolidated the revealed information about Valve’s plan to resurrect Artifact.

Back to Beta

Artifact’s revival will be released unfinished. The rerelease of the game will satisfy the patient fans, but the beta status is telling of what players can expect.

A confident comparison to Dota 2, Playartifact

Beta is an early stage of development, indicating that there is a lot of work yet to be done. The development team has confirmed that some features are “not going to look polished.”

It may be unpolished, but the placeholder art from the recent update looks great to me! Playartifact

The long process of revitalization is an opportunity for players to influence the future of the game. To prove that they are listening to the players, the team encouraged emails and promised that they “are going to read all of them.”

New modes and core gameplay

Ensuring they have a “strong foundation to build upon,” Valve has stated multiple times that they are “focusing on gameplay first.” In addition to adjusting core mechanics, the reboot will include a new mode of play.

The recently showcased cards revealed some of the changes to gameplay in addition to their charming artwork. The team immediately revealed that “stats overall have been scaled to around 60% of the original game” and that there will be an “increased amount of movement in the game.”

Charming Artwork, Playartifact

In their attempts to deliver the game they originally intended, the team has added new features. The reboot boasts a new game mode, Hero Draft, which “gives [the player] a taste of constructing decks without all the pressure.”

Friends are the most valuable treasure

In line with their focus on gameplay, the development team revealed their consideration of a new player’s experience. After stating that they are “focused on making the game easier to pick up,” the team confirmed that they have removed the economy attached to playing cards. They stopped “selling cards, so [players] won’t face an opponent with a stacked deck.”

Artifact FaQ, Playartifact

The economy’s absence will likely be met with a positive response from new and returning players. Disliked by many, Artifact’s previous economy dissuaded new players with expensive cards required to compete in competitive play. Removing the monetary barrier of entry will level the playing field and create a welcoming environment for new players.

Friends, Playartifact

Valve has given fans a lot of information and their transparency with development likely indicates there is more to come. Stay updated with the future of Artifact by following Slashshout on Twitter.

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