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Boxing fans rejoice, new esports boxing game in development

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If you’re a fan of boxing video games, then you’ll know it’s been nine years since the last video game simulation of this sport. But now is the time to rejoice, for a new game is currently in the works. According to a trailer released by developer Steel City Interactive, they’re developing a new boxing game called eSports Boxing Club.

A trailer about boxing

Here’s a quick look at the trailer:

Prior to this announcement, few people in gaming media knew much anything about the game. Sports gaming journalist Steve Noah of Operation Sports wrote this in a short post about the game: “In development since 2019, developer Steel City Interactive, has revealed their launch trailer for eSports Boxing Club. This one came out of nowhere and there isn’t much in terms of actual gameplay shown in the trailer.”

That is quite true. Still, eSports Boxing Club proves a pleasant surprise for fans of virtual boxing. This area of gaming is quite underrepresented, with the last title for the sport being 2011’s Fight Night Champion. Even after all these years, many hardcore fans still play it to scratch that itch for boxing.

Could it be a hoax?

Still, Noah is correct when he says this trailer shows little about the game. It doesn’t show gameplay footage, or at least much gameplay if that was indeed in-game footage. The gaming community has been duped before by trailers such as the one below.

Mike Tyson’s Virtual Boxing turned out to be a horrible tease for one of the most underserved sports gaming communities in existence. However, that doesn’t mean eSports Boxing Club is a fake. They may just be early enough into development that it warrants for a teaser trailer. So we may yet get to see some in-game footage before long.

What we know so far

There appears to be more substance associated with eSports Boxing Club. From the trailer, we can infer that former-world-champion Ricky Hatton and British boxing legend Frank Bruno are a part of the game’s roster, despite their renders not being featured in the trailer.

What we do know is that there is a career mode and the developers have enlisted help from trainer Ben Davison, perhaps as a consultant. In looking at the developer’s Facebook page, the studio is located in Sheffield, England, which would explain the presence of British boxers. Also, according to the trailer, the game is being developed for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The title insinuates that the game will have some roots in competitive gaming. But what Steel City’s definition of esports is has yet to be determined. As additional evidence of the studio’s youth, their official website isn’t even up and running. But they do claim it will be launched on April 21.

Stay tuned for more updates as this game continues through development.

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