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T1 advances to the LCK Spring playoff finals after latest win

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It’s a big moment for T1. They just faced off against DragonX and will now be heading to the LCK Spring playoff finals. Their next opponent? Gen.G. So it will be anything but an easy fight ahead. However, things went very decisively for T1 during their 3-1 victory over DRX.

A recap of the match

T1 was quick to claim the first two wins, but this game wasn’t about to be a complete clean sweep. DRX changed their strategy during the third game and managed to take the win. Despite building up some momentum during the third game, it didn’t carry over enough to tie things up with the fourth match. T1 ultimately ended up playing better as a team and individually.

The first game held some very unconventional picks from DRX, champions that have barely seen any play during LCK’s regular split. This included characters like Gangplank and Victor. Despite these curveball picks, T1 came prepared for it and swept the game with ease, using Ornn’s well-timed ultimates to swing the game in their favor.

After the first game, T1 decided to completely change their draft along with DRX. Still, during the second game, T1 came out ahead. Canna played an incredible game in the top lane with Jayce, clobbering DRX’s top-laner Doran both in and out of the lane.

It was the third game when T1 stumbled and DRX managed to snag a victory. It almost felt possible for DRX to change the tides of the match and snag a victory themselves. But it wasn’t meant to be. The series ended with a memorable quadra-kill for Teddy’s Kalista. It would have been a penta had Chovy not fled the base and narrowly escaped death.

A look at team dynamics

T1 has had something of a shaky offseason after losing their star top-laner and jungler. But they managed some worthwhile picks in Canna and Cuzz. Cuzz was already a veteran of the pro scene and the community expected much of him. But Canna was something of a rookie who played on the trainee roster of T1. Despite his youthful status, he’s shown an incredible amount of skill and will likely continue to play over Roach.

Tune in next time

T1’s next match is against the top team in the LCK Spring Split standing,s Gen. G. These two teems have a very deep history together, such as Gen.G having acquired T1’s ex-jungler, Clid. Gen.G dominated most teams this split, but they failed in both matches against T1 during regular season. Maybe they’ve been able to fix their mistakes, and could give T1 a run for their money. Or T1 could be poised once more to win another championship.

The LCK Spring Split playoff finals take place on Saturday, April 25 at 4am CST. Check out the official LCK broadcast to see who becomes the crown champion of the league.

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