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PUBG 7.2 patch adds ranked mode and bots, nerfs most-popular gun

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Provided by PUBG Corp.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ newest patch includes a variety of changes, such as a real ranked mode, something that players have been wanting for years. Additionally, the patch introduces bots to fill out non-ranked matches, as well as a few weapon balance updates (one of which you may not like).

About ranked mode

PUBG’s new ranked mode allows players to compete against similarly-skilled opponents. They may now also earn progress to show off just how good they are at the game. The mode arrives in the form of a brand new mode found in the Play section of the menu and players will have to use the mode specifically. Ranked matches will contain a total of 64 players each and will not have any bots in the lobby.

Ranked mode also has a new rule set separate from the regular game mode. All matches will be played randomly on Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok. Additionally, there will be more overall loot, with a significant emphasis placed on better loot like assault rifles. There will also be no Red Zones in ranked play, a change that many players have requested for nearly two years, whereas Blue Zones will move faster to increase the pace of matches.

About bots

Now for the topic of bots. These aren’t being included in matches lacking a full lobby of players. They are instead intended to help lower-skill players learn the game more easily. Instead of being matched against a gauntlet of high-skill players, new players will instead be put in matches that mix bots with regular players of a similar skill level. The ratio of bots will scale with that skill, meaning the better you get at the game, the fewer bots you’ll be matched against.

Weapon changes (i.e., nerfs)

Of the many changes included in this patch, one major change is a nerf to the M4A1 assault rifle. The M4 is by far the most-used and most-effective weapon in PUBG right now. So now PUBG Corp. would like to even the playing field. This patch will now reduce some of its base damage, some muzzle velocity, and will also deal less damage at longer ranges.

PUBG’s 7.2 patch is currently live on the PUBG Test Server. It is likewise slated to go live across the game on May 20 for PC. The console and Stadia versions of the patch will go live on May 26.

For a full look at everything in the patch, take a look at the patch notes.

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