China bans online gaming and chatting with foreigners

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The government has decided that it doesn’t like what comes of talking with foreigners. As a result, the government is now making it illegal to game or chat with people of other nations. Playing video games with players from foreign countries, in addition to chatting with them in general is now forbidden. Why is that? Because the government doesn’t like what its citizens have been saying concerning the government while gaming.

Folks dissed the government

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) banned the super-popular video game Animal Crossing as well. This game is quite simply in that it allows you to create a home and play with cute animals. According to pro-democracy activisy Joshua Wong, he showed a scene from Animal Crossing and said, “It’s too much for the CCP,” taking a dig at the country’s president.

The reason behind this ban comes from what players were saying in-game. Taiwan News reported that players were using video games like Animal Crossing to vent their dislike for the CCP. They also made satirical content about the CCP and its failure to act against the Coronavirus. Well, the government didn’t care much for this and has retaliated as a result.

These strict laws ban the following things:

  • Plagues
  • Zombies
  • Map Editing
  • Role Playing
  • Organization/Clan/Union

The laws enforced regarding gaming

The following commands/laws will now be enforced by the CCP regarding video games:

  • Online gaming: Gamers from China are banned from playing with other gamers on servers across the globe.
  • Surveillance: The Chinese government will keep an eye on ALL single-player online games.
  • Gaming curfews: The CCP also enforces a strict law that establishes a gaming curfew for those individuals under 18 years of age. Such individuals cannot game beyond 10pm and are likewise limited in the amount of money they can spend inside of games.

Not every country gets to celebrate free speech, which makes reactions from governments like this feel like an overreaction. But the CCP has always had a firm stance on dissension among its citizens. How they plan on enforcing these new commands and what the punishments will be are uncertain.

But who wants to find out first-hand what the repercussions might be?

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