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Quarantined gamers eagerly anticipate official Dota battle pass

Every year, The International (TI) shatters its own record of the largest prize pool in esports. The official Dota 2 battle pass that accompanies TI is filled with themed challenges and unique rewards. The proceeds of passionate gamers purchasing the battle pass fund TI’s prize pool. TI is approaching and quarantined gamers are getting anxious to see what Valve has in store for the most supportive audience in esports.

Competition to craft the perfect pass

A third-party developer recently set a high standard for battle passes with their exclusive and innovative battle pass released in China. Perfect World debuted an impressive battle pass with polished graphics and an innovative reward system. Unique to this battle pass, players could earn real-world rewards with their real-world actions.

Perfect World’s innovate battle pass

TI is an opportunity for Valve to demonstrate their prowess with the official battle pass. Battle passes fund events, raise awareness for the pro scene and engage players with content and rewards. Any tournament can release a battle pass, fostering competition to persuade purchasers with prizes. Valve has more tools for crafting the perfect pass than a third-party developer has. Although TI has yet to be confirmed due to COVID-19, everything is stacked in Valve’s favour to release a perfect pass.

Passionate players

Many passionate players have invested their time in quarantine to deduce when the battle pass will be released. A diligent detective posted their research online and may have figured out Valve’s plans. Definitely, a Dota player and potentially a prophet, Gmoney288 studied past patterns of battle passes and is “90% sure” that the battle pass will release on the 21st.

The pattern is undeniable and the logic is sound.

Players potentially will be playing with the pass, but the fate of TI is still undecided. Regardless of the release date, quarantined gamers who are home all day will likely appreciate the battle pass’ extra gameplay. Gamers will definitely appreciate an update about the fate of TI. Major Dota tournaments have been officially cancelled, but not the most major tournament of them all.

When will the pass come out? What will happen to TI? How do I stop feeding every game??? Follow Slashshout on Twitter and let us know the answer to any of those questions or to share any prophetic words about the future of esports.

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