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Capcom has big plans for new titles, esports academy, and female league

Capcom has a lot planned for the next year according to its latest fiscal year report. From releasing new major titles to starting up brand new leagues and academies, the company is promising fans a bright, competitive future.

“Multiple major titles” on the horizon

Capcom is known for a slew of franchises, including Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry. The 2020 report promises that the company will release “multiple major titles” by March 2021, which should excite old and new fans alike.

The same report indicates that Capcom’s approach towards its franchise titles is working. The Resident Evil 3 remake has sold 2.5 million copies so far, and last year’s Resident Evil 2 re-release sold 5 million copies by December 2019. The fiscal report doesn’t indicate which titles will be released over the next year, but you can expect there to at least be another remake project on the horizon since the formula works.

Investing in esports

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Capcom knows that esports is here to stay. “[T]he Company sees eSports as an integral part of its future growth strategy and is working to consolidate its position in this expanding market with upfront capital allocation and investments in human resources,” states the report.

The Capcom World Tour has expanded over the last year, and we can expect it to continue with the company’s blessing along with the brand new Street Fighter League. The report also states that “[Capcom] plans to found the eSports Academy (tentative name) for training professional players as well as to establish regional teams and leagues for female players.”

This is probably the most important passage in the report for esports fans. Since it’s the only competitive title that Capcom supports at the moment, Street Fighter V will likely be the focal point for both the female league and the esports academy. However, we will have to wait and see just what Capcom has in store over the next twelve months. Maybe we’ll see a new fighting game in that period of time.

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Theresa Gaffney

Theresa is a seasoned esports professional with nearly ten years under her belt developing content and running esports teams and leagues. She is currently the head coach for Messiah College's esports program and a freelance industry consultant.

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