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Pudge hook

Perpetual assaulters and defenders of ancients, the memorable heroes of Dota embody characterization from their looks to their lore. The iconic roster of over 100 heroes is easily identifiable and Dota’s seemingly infinite supply of cosmetic equipment allows the heroes to be uniquely customizable. We have compiled a list of items with stories that distinguish them from an ocean of Sven swords and Pugna wards.

The Dragonclaw Hook

An iconic weapon wielded by an iconic hero, Pudge’s Dragonclaw Hook was one of the first items added to Dota. One of the few cosmetics available to players during Dota 2’s inception, the Dragonclaw Hook stood out from the rest because of its spell effect. Demand skyrocketed when players realized the Dragonclaw Hook allowed players to brandish their rare cosmetic and skillshot accuracy simultaneously.

Dragonclaw Hook Chain.gif
Image credit: Dota 2 Gamepedia

Grand Champion of the first The International (TI), a grand finalist in the following two TIs and star of Valve’s official Dota 2 documentary, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin is one of Dota’s most loved professional players. Dendi is well known for his prowess on Pudge, striking fear into his opponents and inciting enthusiasm from spectators whenever he entered the battlefield as the butcher.

Image credit: Na`vi Dota 2

During TI3, Dota’s most beloved player escaped elimination versus TongFu by employing arguably the most controversial strategy ever seen in professional Dota. Wielding the Dragonclaw Hook, Dendi’s fountain hooks made Dota history and caused players to question their understanding of game mechanics.

An antique part of Dota’s history, the Dragonclaw Hook has been challenged for its title of the premier Pudge cosmetic. Despite its lack of particle effects and polygons, the history behind the Dragonclaw Hook has ensured it will live on as long as players are defending ancients.

Tsukumo the Moon Cloud

Tsukumo the Moon Cloud is acquired through a unique real-world purchase. Dota enthusiasts earned the cosmetic by ordering an intricate statue of Mirana. Although the cosmetic is equipped by Mirana in-game, it is not included in the statue.

Mirana statue attached to the Tsukumo the Moon Cloud cosmetic
(credit : Mir2, Imgur)

Other cosmetics attached to real-world purchases, like Slark’s Gilded Edge, are bundled with gaming peripherals. Tsukumo the Moon Cloud is bundled with a collector’s statue, a unique circumstance for a rare cosmetic. In addition to the unique origins, the cosmetic item itself is arguably the most severe change a player can make to the base Mirana mount, replacing her usual mount, Sagan, with one that resembles a bunny.

Image credit: Dota 2 Gamepedia

Striking fear into enemies and produce alike, the ridiculous design and extreme rarity of Tsukumo the Moon Cloud have earned the mount notoriety since its release over a year ago. Gamers have proven their devotion to Dota’s pixels as the cosmetic mount’s price (without the statue) has over doubled the original cost of the bundle.

Any player riding Tsukumo the Moon Cloud while defending their ancient demands respect. This expensive purchase requires the bravery to bring a bunny into battle.

The Timebreaker

Overlooked then overpriced, Faceless Void’s Timebreaker was one of the first Dota cosmetics ever added. Joining the Dragonclaw Hook in Sithil’s Summer Stash, receiving a Timebreaker meant the opener lost an opportunity to get the rare hook. Originally, the acquisition of the Timebreaker was tied with despair, however, when details of its stolen design came to light, Valve stepped in and the Timebreaker saw an immediate rise in rarity and price.

Image credit: Dota 2 Gamepedia

The original model for the Timebreaker was taken without permission from the Korean MMO, Aion. Valve remodelled the item, adding it to an exclusive group of elder cosmetics.

The Timebreaker became the most iconic Faceless Void weapon of its time, growing in value and notoriety from the changes. The origins of this classic cosmetic received a nod from the name of the recently added Mace of Aeons

File:Timebreaker ambient.gif
Image credit: Dota 2 Gamepedia

Although a dated relic of Dota history, the Timebeaker’s lack of cosmetic sprites and flair do not impede its ability to turn heads. The rich backstory from the release of Dota ensures that the Timebreaker will forever be remembered as a piece of history.

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