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Dota’s old age is saving it from suffering from COVID-19

Quarantine has acted as a catalyst for the growing popularity of livestreams. Unable to rely on live events, tournament organizers and content creators are pursuing an online audience. Dota’s established esports scene is helping survive the effects of the Coronavirus.

Esports is adapting to the epidemic

Livestreams have become a mainstream source of content. A report released by the Chinese government about internet usage revealed that 62% of Chinese internet users watch live broadcasts. Quarantine has expedited the growth of livestreaming by keeping many indoors.  As viewership continues to grow, the most popular streams will benefit the most.

Interactive streams of established personalities with storied histories attract the most viewers. Like television shows or a book, livestreams tell stories about the people in them. If the story is entertaining, the viewers will come back. The most popular streams, according to the report, were focused on esports, live host shows and traditional sports. Each of these streams connects its audience with developed characters. Competing online or in a field, tournament streams captivate an audience with familiar faces and a straightforward story. The streams that tell the best stories will maintain the largest audience.

Dota’s development is its cure for the Coronavirus

Dota’s established scene is able to develop itself by simply existing. For nearly a decade, Dota 2 has been developing characters. Dota organizations, teams, players, and even cosmetic items have achieved notoriety. Dota’s alluring past is able to benefit itself by attracting new organizations to the scene. Most recently, BLAST, a successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament organizer. BLAST’s Director of Product and Experience, Nicolas Estrup, told Esports Insider that the organization sees the potential of Dota’s “heritage in esports.” Elaborating, Estrup mentioned that Dota fascinated BLAST with it’s “deep lore that [they] can work with on a storytelling level in terms of the player, team and game itself.” The only resource content creators need to captivate Dota fans is Dota.

Dota’s rich history adds difficulty to distinguishment, promoting development through competition. Attaining uniqueness in Dota means competing with many of the most successful gamers in the world. However, there is more than one way to play.  Planning on distinguishing BLAST by playing with unique rules, Estrup complimented Dota, saying that the game “has so much potential in terms of how you broadcast it and how you make entertaining arena events.” Late to the scene but not showing up empty-handed, BLAST intends to make a head-turning first impression with their innovative Bounty Hunt tournament.

From fountain hooks to True Sight, Dota’s years of storytelling outshine a few months of quarantine. Supported by its scene, the game will remain safe from serious suffering for some time. Follow Slashshout on Twitter and tell us about your favourite Dota memories.

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