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Nadeshot can’t stream VALORANT due to other team owners complaining

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Even team owners aren’t above being petty over exclusivity. Nadeshot is known as one of the best first-person shooter streamers in the world. So when VALORANT’s closed beta was set to begin on April 7, many expected to see him playing the game. But apparently that won’t actually be the case.

Nadeshot planned to stream

Nadeshot opened up in a conversation with Cloakzy on a stream yesterday about the problem. During this, he sounded quite frustrated and depressed. He originally got to test the game early, which didn’t come as a surprise. But what did was that other League of Legends esports franchises questioned why they also didn’t have access to VALORANT.

The answer to this should be a relatively clear one: Nadeshot is good at what he does and has a unique position as a team owner and player. He holds significant history as a gamer, professional player, and content creator. But apparently other owners didn’t share that same view.

“Other LCS and LEC and LCK team owners complained I had access when they don’t have access,” Nadeshot stated. “So Riot asked me not to stream until [April 8], the next day.”

Riot changed the plan

While he’s still able to play the game, he isn’t allowed to stream it when the beta begins. Instead, he is being forced to wait until the second day of the beta. This is the point when other League esports team owners also gain access to the game. Cloakzy voiced support for Nadeshot, and indicated that other owners were acting like “elementary school” kids. Tomorrow was supposed to be a big day for numerous gamers, streamers included. Said Nadeshot, “I’m getting penalized for being good at my job.”

He still plans on recording footage of his gameplay when the closed beta starts tomorrow. Nadeshot will then make it available for later use on platforms like YouTube. But he just can’t livestream the entire day. Nadeshot was among the broadcassters involved in a release of VALORANT content on Friday, April 3. That day, he aired two hours of his own gameplay of VALORANT. Viewers then accrued 14,208 hours watched and an average of 7,104 viewers, according to Twitch statistics website SullyGnome.

Apparently even in esports, people aren’t above whining over exclusivity due to a player’s skill. Back to elementary school, we go.

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