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NRG, Faze reported to apply for LCK franchising

The LCK has begun its franchising application process for 2021. To no surprise, many big-name organizations are lining up for a chance at a partnership with South Korea’s biggest esports scene. So far, all 10 current LCK organizations, as well as 8 CK (Challengers Korea) teams, have submitted formal requests to participate.

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Many organizations operating outside of League of Legends have also thrown their hat into the ring. Faze Clan, NRG Esports, and the Pittsburgh Knights are some of the American-based teams that have applied. A total of 25 organizations have formally submitted letters of interest, according to FOMOS as of the 20th.

Organizations who have submitted their LOIs by May 8th will have to answer specific questions sent by the LCK. The answers must include details regarding their “business plans, team management plans, financial plans, and other required documents by June 19th, 2020.” The full list of questions, as well as additional details regarding franchising, can be found here.

Of course, these LOIs are not a surefire indicator of an organization’s entry into LCK franchising. According to the LCK’s franchising website, applications will be received until June 19th, where Phase 1 of the process will be complete. Between June and August marks Phase 2, where the LCK will review applications and conduct interviews with interested esports organizations this year.

The finalized list of partnership teams will be decided and announced around late September.

Stephen No

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