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Teamfight Tactics World Championship announced for 2020

Riot Games just announced a huge event for Teamfight Tactics players: a world championship. Titled Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship, the event brings together 16 of the top players from around the world to compete for the grand prize of $200,000. The exact date is yet to be chosen. Building up to this event is eight regional qualifiers to determine the finalists, including North America, China, Europe, South Korea, Japan, and Latin America.

Yet another esporting event

This is something of a boom period for Riot Games. They just made available the closed beta for their first-person-shooter, VALORANT. Riot normally keeps busy with its League of Legends world championship, which attracted more than 100 million viewers in 2019. Now they’re rounding things out with Teamfight Tactics. Its very first global champion will be crowned later this year, likely sometime in the summer or fall.

Riot Games included an image that details how the qualifiers will be structured. The event consists of regional qualifiers that determine the players to progress to the championship. Each region has only a limited number of player slots available. For example, China has three player slots, whereas Japan only has one. The United States has two slots it may fill. The players that finish the regional qualifiers will progress to the championship qualification which will then determine the final players to progress to the Galaxies championship.

The news release included comments from Whalen Rozelle, director of global esports at Riot Games. Said Rozelle, “With the Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship, we want to reward all of the players who dedicate their time to mastering Teamfight Tactics and provide an additional goal that exists beyond reaching the top of the ladder. To support this, we are creating a clear path to the championship that will be globally accessible through both the in-game ladder and online tournaments.”

What is Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an eight-person, free-for-all strategy game in which each player combines League of Legends champions with items into different formations to defeat the seven other players in a match. Last person standing is the winner. The battlefield consists of hexagons, whereon players strategically place their champion. Each round, a short battle commences with two players randomly for that round.

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