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Polystrike reimagines Counter-Strike within Dota 2, enters open beta

Polystrike, a mod of Counter-Strike (CS) created in Dota 2, recently went into open beta. Polystrike combines the strengths of CS and Dota while distinguishing itself as a unique game with its stylized graphics.

A mod of a mod inside of a mod

Both of Polystrike’s predecessors originated as mods. Humble beginnings as modifications, Dota and CS are now two of the most popular esports in the world. Polystrike’s foundation in Dota and CS has given it a strong foundation to build upon, but also large shoes to fill.

More than a gimmick, the intricate, stylized graphics prove that Polystrike is a product of passion. Low polygon graphics give Polystrike a unique feel, despite its heavy reliance on assets from Dota and CS.

The developer of Polystrike is an experienced low-polygon level designer. The remastering of classic maps, like De_dust2, is faithful to the originals while introducing an abundance decoration to the battlefield.

Gif process
Low polygon & high effort, Mocherad

Creep blockin’ and headshotin’

Counter-Strike’s mechanics and systems combined with Dota’s gameplay create an enjoyable way for players to simultaneously experience the best of both games. The economic aspects of CS have been imported to the Dota mod, but sadly, players will not be able to farm gold in the jungle.

Counter-Strike showing off with Dota’s engine

Dota’s fog of war mechanic is perfect for emulating CS’s gameplay. Fog of war limits players’ vision and is a key characteristic of DotA. Safely gathering information in CS is a prerequisite to executing a plan for each round. Polystrike’s utilization of fog of war enhances its replication of CS’s gameplay with the Dota engine.

The developer has implemented a battle pass, hinting that support from players could lead to further developments. Fans of polygons and pinpoint accuracy can donate to the developer to access the battle pass. If Polystrike gets enough support, it may be the next mod turned into an esport.

Custom skins from the battle pass

Becoming an esport isn’t the only way for a mod to be successful. Follow Slashshout on Twitter and tell us about your favourite mod or which two games you should like to see combined!

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