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Beyond the Summit Pro Series weekend survival guide

Beyond the Summit’s (BTS) pro series is nearing the playoffs. This entertaining tournament is strictly online due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the hype is still real. The competitors’ rivalries will be settled in the playoffs after this weekend, and we’ve got the guide to get you through it.

Behind the scenes of Beyond the Summit

Beyond the Summit has been producing top tier esports events for over five years. BTS has earned a reputation for producing goofy content while maintaining competitive integrity. This weekend, tune into BTS on Twitch for the climax of the $50,000 Pro Series’ group stage.

A unique tournament under a distinguished brand

Conquering COVID, the Pro Series adapted to the pandemic to host the top teams in America and Southeast Asia. International competitors have been doing battle from across the globe to ensure safety during the quarantine. After players advance to the playoffs on the 23rd, the tournament will continue to be conducted entirely online.

Everything to know about the format for this weekend:

  • All of the matches are Bo3.
  • The top four teams will advance to the upper bracket.
  • The 5th & 6th pace teams will advance to the lower bracket.
  • The bottom two teams will be eliminated.
  • Playoffs start on the 23rd.

Championship Contenders

Evil Geniuses

The most accomplished organization competing in the pro series, EG will be using two stand-in players: Bulba and Ryoya are sitting in for Abed and RAMZES666.

Cloud 9

A familiar name and familiar faces, Cloud 9’s roster is filled with prominent North American players. EternaLEnVy, Sneyking, MISERY, and pieliedie have been joined by Ace. Grand champion of the OGA Dota PIT minor in 2019, Ace is a formidable addition to the familiar roster.

Quincy Crew

Quincy Crew is competing to recover from their suffering after COVID-19 has complicated esports. The Quincy Crew was released from Chaos Esports Club at the start of the pandemic. Unhindered by their loss, the team stayed together. Their success may earn them back what they have lost.


Representing Southeast Asia, Beastcoast is facing off against former team members. Brax, Ryoya, MoOz and EternaLEnVy are previous players for Beastcoast. To achieve success, this iteration of Beastcoast will have to outperform past players.

Furia Esports

An organization from another game, Furia Esports has plenty to prove at the Pro series. Furia Esports is best known as a Brazillian esports organization based in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Their Dota team is competing in the Pro Series to make a name for the players and the organization within the Dota scene.

Thunder Predator

Thunder Predator is an experienced competitor in BTS events, however, their last appearance did not go as expected. An eight-month streak of winning every tournament was ended at BTS’ Summit 12. The Pro Series is an opportunity for Thunder Predator to correct their blunder.

Thunder Predator’s tournament history, Liquipedia


Cr4zy’s roster is made up of a majority of Canadian players, including a TI winner. Canadian Dota is represented by Bryle, MoonMeander and TI champion Aui_2000. They will have to conquer the players AUI_2000 won TI for Cr4zy to win the Pro Series.

Business Associates

Although a new identity, Business Associates boasts an experienced roster of longtime Dota players. TI5 champion, Fear, captains Bussiness Associates. Joined by Moo, a finalist of TI6, Business Associates have extensive competitive experience.

The Real Prize

Multiple teams have players from the same TI winning lineup. EG’s TI5 Grand Champion roster is split across three teams. Bulba coached the grand champions roster and is standing in for the current one. He will be competing against the former captain of EG, Fear, and Aui_2000 who was kicked soon after EG won TI. The Pro series will decide if Bulba and Aui_2000 aged better than Old Man Fear.

Player or spectator, everyone involved will be a part of Dota history. Tune in this weekend and join Dota fans around the globe as we take part in history. Follow Slashshout on Twitter and tell us your favourite moment of the group stage.

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