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Call of Duty: Mobile to hold its own World Championship

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship image

Activision just partnered with Sony Mobile to launch its very first Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship. This event begins on April 30 and acts as a global tournament. Still, despite our proximity to the event’s start date, many details have yet to be revealed.

What we do know

Activision’s announcement revealed some details regarding the event, such as player ranking requirements to qualify. Any players wanting to participate in the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship must be ranked at veteran or higher in the game’s Ranked mode.

Additionally, we know the prize pool amount, which is quite sizable for a first-time world championship. Activision says the pool amounts of $1 million (£812,200), though they haven’t said how the money will be disbursed based on finalist ranks.

Chris Plummer, Vice President of Mobile at Activision, had this to say: “We are very excited to launch our highly-anticipated competitive tournament in Call of Duty: Mobile. As the next-evolution in our fan-favorite Ranked Play, this tournament format gives eligible Call of Duty: Mobile players a chance to compete with players from around the world for cash and prizes.”

Little else disclosed

Beyond the prize pool and start date, no additional details about the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship has been disclosed. This is a divergent strategy from the approach used for the console version of Call of Duty. This game kicked off its newly-franchised Call of Duty League late into 2019. The event has 12 geographically-based teams with each franchise slot worth at least $25 million each.

It’s exciting to see Call of Duty: Mobile move into the grand world of esports. Many details have yet to come over the next week regarding the event. But simply starting things off with a $1 million prize pool should be enough to grab numerous players’ attention.

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