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FaZe Clan and Sugar23 partner to create FaZe Studios

FaZe Clan has combined forces with Sugar23 to launch FaZe Studios. Sugar23 is known as Academy Award-winning manager-producer Suchael Sugar’s emerging management and creative platform. FaZe Clan, on the other hand, is a well-established esports organization with teams spanning numerous video game titles. The combined efforts of both entities will produce new film and television projects in the form of original content.

Creating new video content

Sugar23 and FaZe Clan plan to combine their expertise in creating original, premium content to connect with younger demographics in the digital space. As such, FaZe Studios will be able to introduce “culturally impactful” movies and television shows aimed at today’s gamer demographics.

“Creating compelling content has always been at the center of FaZe Clan’s identity, so this is a natural progression for us. Throughout our 10 year history, FaZe Clan has been connecting with an enormous youth culture audience that eludes many of the traditional entertainment players. It’s an audience that behaves and consumes differently and requires dynamic thinking,” CEO of FaZe Clan Lee Trink said.

Trink further stated, “Michael and his team at Sugar23 completely understand that. Working in tandem with Oluwafemi Okusanya who helms FaZe Clan’s content team, FaZe Studios is the evolutionary step in delivering new types of content to our audience. We don’t believe youth culture has abandoned longform content but they want content that uniquely speaks to them.”

Based on the terms of the partnership, FaZe Studios will operate in Los Angeles. Sugar23 will further run development operations of the studio.

Michael Sugar, Founder of Sugar23, added: “Given the state of the world, we are all looking to find community. I have always been drawn to the gaming world because of the way it brings people together, even from isolation. FaZe Clan fills a unique void in the content world, and with their immense reach and captive audience, they have grown into ambassadors of culture and the voice of a generation. I’m so happy my colleague Brad Foxhoven brought Sugar23 and FaZe together.

“Our exciting partnership will look to drive, create and acquire content tailored to FaZe’s audience, thereby extending their brand into the traditional content space. We are thrilled to partner with Lee, Femi and their incredible team over at FaZe Clan to bring FaZe Studios to life.”

FaZe Clan is already one of the most recognizable brands in esports. The launch of FaZe Studios gives FaZe Clan an opportunity to progress even further into mainstream platforms with the creation of original content.

FaZe Clan’s social following

According to Trink, FaZe Clan’s total social following exceeds 230 million people. Not factoring in individual content creator numbers across platforms, FaZe Clan has 8.6 million Instagram followers, 7.67 million YouTube subscribers, 4.37 million Twitter followers, and 533,000 Facebook likes. Just looking at YouTube, five videos produced by FaZe lan have accrued more than 8.6 million views, whereas 80 videos hold more than 2 million views.

This shows how well-suited to the content creation sphere FaZe Clan is already. But now with the specialized forces of Sugar23, they stand in an even stronger position to attract views with unique and compelling video content.

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