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Ex-Overwatch League player Dafran now banned from VALORANT tournament

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Daniel “Dafran” Francesca has had a difficult time of the professional video gaming scene. He is best known as a streamer and ex-Overwatch League player. But now he’s run afoul of yet another game. During a VALORANT tournament held by French organization Solary, Francesca was ultimately banned after a dispute occurred over play times.

Heated arguments over start times

It ultimately came down to some confusion over starting times. The starting time for Dafran’s game had different timestamps on Liquidpedia (the go-to esports site) than what was on a Discord channel for the tournament. In the subsequent discussion, Dafran lashed out at Solary and player Hype, also ex-Overwatch League. The heated discussion ultimately led to the organization stating Dafran was banned “for life” from any of their events.

Dafran, known for using heated words, responded, “Suck my ball sack. Joke of a tournament and organization. Hyp and his team of washed up OW players too scared to play. Bunch of bitches. Hf with ur dog shit.”

Previous bans

Dafran is experienced with getting banned. During Overwatch fame, their account was banned for ruining games, in addition to inciting the community to do the same, sometimes targeting specific individuals. Dafran later revealed that their account was permanently banned, not just in Overwatch, but across all other Blizzard games, like World of Warcraft.

Despite the sanctions, Francesca was later announced as a new player for the Atlanta Reign. They ended up being quite instrumental in implementing some now-legendary plays in the Overwatch League. Shortly after signing with them, Dafran ended up taking a step back from the stage to instead focus on content creation.

During another recent ban, this time from Twitter, Francesca mentioned that they were suspended for hate speech toward French people. Naturally, this story once more hits a nerve among the gaming and viewer community. Francesca seems to be building a name simply for creating toxicity in the community rather than bringing people together.

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