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Fortnite Champion Series Invitational Europe – 15-year-old JannisZ wins!

Fortnite Championship Series

Yet another teenager stands out from the competition as the latest victor of a major Fortnite tournament. This latest event was the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational Europe, which just wrapped up this weekend. Numerous players duked it out for part of the $2 million prize pool. After a fierce series of matches, it was ultimately 15-year-old JannisZ from Germany that took first place.

Quick event overview

JannisZ represented Wave Esports, and he had an incredible time at this tournament. During the first day of competitions, JannisZ earned five top-5 finishes in total. During the second day, he secured a victory royale and managed to bring in even more top-5 matches. Things were no different during the third day. By this point, he had accrued a 10-point lead above the competition. But the other players weren’t going to give in easily, and kept a close tail throughout until the end.

When the final round came, JannisZ finally secured his lead and finished the event in first place. He completed the invitational tournament with a total of 254 points and $120,000 in prize winnings. Second place was Jaden “XL Wolfiez” Ashman with 234 points and $90,000. Third place went to Aqua with 219 points and $70,000 in winnings.

Celebrating Fortnite victory

Upon the conclusion of the event, JannisZ went to Twitter and celebrated his first-place victory. He even went on to thank his supporters for their part in his winning.

Much like 16-year-old Bugha winning the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, JannisZ’s victory is one for the history books. His age, dedication, and incredible experience are what ultimately lent toward a successful competitive esports career. Fortnite caster Arten “Ballatw” Esa commented to ESPN, “For a kid like him, all the sudden dominating out of duos FNCS with his 15-year-old partner Tayson, [JannisZ] is certainly somebody to watch in the future.”

Humorously enough, Ballatw further joked that the young pro “still has to go to school tomorrow.” Somehow the professional player is able to juggle the load of schoolwork with competitive play, which makes his victory all the more impressive.

JannisZ is on top of the world right now. As a result of his win, overwhelming support has been given to both the champion and his team, Wave Esports. The player hasn’t discussed anything publicly regarding his future plans for the Fortnite competitive scene. But it’s a fair assumption to believe he will return for future events where he can continue to make waves in the industry.

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