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Invictus Gaming wins match

The LPL continues to impress its fanbase with some incredible matches. The latest series between Invictus Gaming and LGD Gaming is one such example. The latter managed to pick up a game against former-world-champions, IG, who is at the top of the standings. IG then substituted in the third game and ended the series with a 2-1 score. But this series was quite messy.

The first game

Mid-laner Rookie proved to be a vital part of the equation for IG winning the first round. He performed amazingly on Lucian and managed to accrue 13 kills over the game, versus LGD’s entire squad only managing 12.

The early game was difficult for IG’s solo-laners. They managed to overextend on both the top and mid lane, which resulted in TheShy and Rookie dying in a matter of seconds. Still, the game was quite even for the most part until a fight around Baron. IG managed to wipe LGD’s squad with only one casualty. They then secured the Baron buff, which was used to lay seige to LGD’s base and end the game.

The second game

Things went quite differently from the first game. Rookie was dominated on Rumble and couldn’t reproduce the successes of the first match. This was especially the case after a target Lucian ban by LGD during the first draft phase.

Invictus Gaming secures the third game

Rookie managed to redeem himself during this final game on Orianna. The MVP award went to top-laner TheShy, who ended up having a killer game on Sett. He didn’t dominate as much as Rookie’s Lucian in the first game, but he provided a solid front for the team, allowing the carries to excel and deal damage with minimal problems. LGD’s jungler on Olaf managed an early kill against Rookie, which set him behind for the game. Invictus Gaming’s mid-laner didn’t learn from overextending during the first game and continued to overextend without his jungler nearby to cover.

The game went mostly in the favor of IG. But LDG’s jungler didn’t take defeat sitting down. He picked up kills continuously throughout the match. When he was caught in the jungle by the IG squad, the LGD lost its slim chance of staying in the game. IG them picked up the Baron and went for the win.

Despite losing star ADC JackeyLove in the offseason, Invictus Gaming still continues to perform well. Their new ADC, Ding “Puff” Wang, is performing above expectations and has achieved synergy with the rest of the team. As a result, IG sits in the first place in the LP Spring Split standings. Their next match is against Top Esports on Saturday, March 21.

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