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Travis Scotts’ Fortnite concert attracts 12 million players

Fortnite Travis Scott concert image

Epic Games is on a roll when it comes to creating entirely unique Fortnite events. Yesterday, they held their first-ever Travis Scott concert. The audience it attracted numbered more than 12.3 million concurrent players. This effectively breaks the game’s all-time record of activity. This doesn’t even include the number of viewers who watched the concert via various streaming platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube.

Previous records

This isn’t the first live concert that Epic Games has held in Fortnite. No, that honor went to Marshmellow, whose concert occurred back in February 2019. At that particular event, more than 10 million players watched the show. The event effectively broke their previous record of more than eight million players for the mysterious purple cube.

Making it a unique event

Epic didn’t just do a copy/paste with the concert idea, only with a new artist. Instead, they decided to employ new styles and improvements to make this a truly unique event.

The Travis Scott concert happend at Sweaty Sands. But it wasn’t a classic concert. They also held a graphic performance with a giant hologram of the artist, along with effects that changed the entirety of the map, even including a sequence underwater. The concert lasted for about 15 minutes and featured new songs performed for the first time in front of Fortnite players.

Afterward, Travis Scott released a clip based on his life performance in Fortnite. The video has already generated more than 2.7 million views.

More concerts to come

On April 21, an update was introduced to Fortnite, which held numerous bug fixes ahead of the Travis Scott concert. The Astronomical event launched yesterday alongside the concert. This event contains exclusive rewards for attending the event, in addition to new challenges.

Yesterday was but the start of a mini-tour for Travis Scott over the different regional servers of Fortnite. The next concert occurred on the European server today at 9am CST. It will then occur tomorrow in Asia, Oceania, and Europe again. The tour then ends with a final show on the North American server on April 25 at 5pm CST for those that missed the concert yesterday.

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