Civilization VI hits Epic Games Store as this week’s free title


Epic Games just announced its latest free game available on its store: Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. The game typically comes with a $60 price tag, but until the end of May 28, you can grab this PC game for free. Just head to the Epic Games Store and snag your copy today. The game will remain playable in your library indefinitely.

A look at Civilization VI

The latest installment in this popular franchise hit shelves back in 2016, but it continues to evolve and maintain its popularity. The game’s developers even promised to keep things fresh for a while in the form of a season pass. This pass offers bi-monthly content updates in the form of new civilizations, leaders, and even game modes. The first of these, titled Maya & Gran Colombia Pack, is out now. New packs will be released every other month through March 2021.

At the game’s release, it broke records as the fastest-selling game in its series. It ultimately shipped more than a million copies during its first few weeks. And many years later, it’s kept up the momentum thanks to two major expansions in addition to some smaller DLCs. These updates continue to add content and polish a game that many already praised.

Surge in popularity

The inclusion of new scenarios, features, and game mechanics have added increased levels of depth to an already strong title. As a result, Civilization VI has encountered a surge in popularity over the last few weeks. Nearly twice as many people are playing it over the last 30 days in comparison to the same time last year, according to In April, 70,000 Steam players played the title, compared to the 85,000 that played during the game’s first month released.

This is the latest big-name title released for free through the Epic Games Store. Previous weeks had the free game as Grand Theft Auto V. The popularity of this title brought the store’s servers to its knees for several hours under the load of players grabbing and downloading the game.

Other games available

But if turn-based strategy isn’t to your liking, the Epic Games Mega Sale ensures there are plenty of other options available. They’re currently offering up to 75% off myriad other titles, in addition to a $10 coupon off any game or add-on over $15. The sale covers a wide range of games, such as Red Dead Redemption II, Borderlands 3, Farming Simulator 19, and more.

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