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PUBG is handing out $420,000 to esports teams

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS Global Series has been canceled. This leaves the many teams that qualified for the event hanging. Well, teams can now expect to be paid $20,000 each due to the tournament’s cancellation. Team owners were quite dissatisfied with their treatment by the PUBG Corporation prior to this. But it looks like the developer is trying to do what they can to keep an open dialog with players and team owners. This also means taking care of teams when circumstances beyond anyone’s control forces closures and cancellations.

Keeping things interesting

Developers do what they can to keep their games evolving and growing over time. That’s what it takes to keep players interested and engaged with any esports title. PUBG is one such game that continues to refine itself since its original PC release. This entails things like adding new maps, new multiplayer modes, and even new weapons.

The planned PUBG Global Series is cancelled due to the Coronavirus. But to help compensate the players involved for their time and efforts leading up to qualifying for the event, the PUBG Corporation is giving qualified teams $20,000 each. This means all 21 teams, plus teams in regions where qualifiers are currently taking place or have been postponed, will now receive compensation for the inconvenience. This adds up to $420,000. But that’s not all they have planned.

A new tournament in the works

Supposedly, the PUBG’s Global Series is being replaced with the PUBG Continental Series. This is described as “a multi-region online competition,” and takes place May, June, and august of this year. The event “will have a total prize pool of 2.4 million” split across four regions. The first tournament, called the PCG Charity Showdown “will offer a $100,000 prize pool in each region with an extra $100,000 donated to a charity of each of the winning teams’ choice.”

Not only are players being compensated for the tournament’s cancellation, but they now have the chance to win more money in a separate online-only event. The PUBG Corporation is making every effort to keep teams happy and continually engaged with the game. This comes as especially important during the pandemic that continues to close and cancel public events and gatherings.

The best thing about esports titles in general and battle royale games specifically, is that they allow for hundreds of users to get together and interact in a virtual space when such activities would be unsafe in real life. This succeeds in keeping PUBG’s servers online and encourages safe practices for its players. Plus giving to charities is an excellent way to give back to the community during this trying time.

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